Герман Атанасов

ГерманI was born in 1965, the year of Snake according to Chinese calendar.

I began practicing Martial Arts in 1982 with Judo in my home town Plovdiv. During next 8 years I had participated in numerous competitions not only in Bulgaria but in Riga, Latvia (former USSR) where I studied for Aerospace Engineering degree. Along with Judo I had training in Karate, attended Wu-Shu classes, school Choi and since 1998 I have been practicing and teaching Wing Tsun.

In 1994 I signed in newly opened Tai Chi school “White Dragon” in Plovdiv, Bulgaria led by Stanislav Bagalev. That is how my journey in Tai Chi began. Through the years I have practiced and studied simplified 24 position form, 103 Hand Form, simplified Sword Form and Push Hands. In 1997 I won first place in Bulgarian National Wu-Shu competition in 103 Hand Form and simplified Sword Form Yang Style. In 1997 I became the instructor of Tai Chi in the same school in Plovdiv.

In 1999 I moved to Chicago, USA. In 2001 together with my students Aaron and Valeri we participated for the first time in a Tai Chi seminar with Master Yang Jun which was held in Troy, Michigan. There I had great chance to personally meet Yang Jun Laoshi and every year since then I have been attending his seminars and I have been flying to Seattle for private sessions with him. In 2002 I became a member of International Yang Family Tai Chi Association and I teach and spread Yang Family Tai Chi in Chicago Metro area by organizing classes, monthly courses and seminars.

In 2006, together with my first sifu Stanislav Bagalev we founded Bulgarian Yang Tai Chi Chuan Association with the idea to bring together everyone who practices Yang Family Style Tai Chi. I have been conducting Tai Chi seminars every year in Plovdiv helping the promotion and popularization of the style in Bulgaria. Together with other Tai Chi instructors in Bulgaria we organize International Yang Tai Chi seminars with Master Yang Jun.

Along with Tai Chi I teach and practice Leung Ting Wing Tsun and since 2007 I’m certified instructor and I currently teach in my schools in Chicago area suburbs, Wheeling, Scokie and Glenview.

Today as a student of Yang Jun Laoshi and member of International Yang Family Tai Chi Association I continue my effort to develop, spread, teach and popularize the amazing art of Yang Family Tai Chi both in Chicago land and Bulgaria.