История на Ян Тайчи център в България

Майстор Станислав Багалев е роден през 1972 година в София. 
Започва своите занимания с бойни изкуства през 1982 година с майстор Красимир Димитров (Китаеца). Преди промените е време, когато да се практикуват източни практики и бойни изкуства е забранено от държавата.
През 1989 година Станислав Багалев е един от инструкторите в Езотерично общество Цин Лун. То е ръководено от Красимир Димитров. Провеждат се множество семинари в страната. Демонстрации, както и първите предавани за бойни изкуства по БНТ. На един от първите семинари с майстор Роланд Хаберзетцер, 8 дан, през 1989 година, Станислав Багалев защитава първите си инструкторски степени.

с грандмайстор Ян Джун
с грандмайстор Ян Джун

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Ян Лучан​

Yang Lu Chan

Yang Fu Kui, later called Yang Lu Chan (the “Lu” having two different Chinese characters as accepted) was born in 1799 and died in 1872. Yang Lu Chan’s family was from Hebei Province, Guangping Prefecture, Yongnian County and since childhood his family was poor. He would follow his father in planting the fields and as a teenager held temporary jobs. One period of temporary work was spent in doing odd jobs at the Tai He Tang Chinese pharmacy located in the west part of Yongnian City (the pharmacy was opened by Chen De Hu of the Chen Village in Henan Province, Huaiqing Prefecture, Wen County)...



The Ten Essentials of Tai Chi Chuan

1. Empty, Lively, Pushing Up and Energetic

‘Pushing up and energetic’ means the posture of the head is upright and straight and the spirit is infused into its apex. You may not use strength. To use strength makes the back of the neck stiff, whereupon the chi and blood cannot circulate freely. You must have an intention which is empty, lively (or free) and natural. Without intention that is empty, lively, pushing up and energetic, you won’t be able to raise your spirit…


Taiji and the Chinese philosophy 中国哲学

Chinese philosophy is as old as China, and it is one of the most ancient civilizations on the planet. The idea of observing the basic principles described in ancient philosophical treatises is still part of every action of Eastern man, whether it be calligraphy, poetry, music, medicine, history, architecture, government, nutrition and martial arts. Here we will reveal some of the main philosophical ideas and principles that we use as a theoretical structure for the movements in Tai Chi...


The Song of Push

In Ward Off (peng), Roll Back (lu), Press (ji), and Push (an), you must be

Push Hands: Fundamental Skills

A conversation with Yang Laoshi, Dave Barrett and Lance LuExplanations of the Push Hands exercise

Zhan, Nian, Lian, and


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