Training program in Yang style Tai Chi Association - Bulgaria, according to the official program of teaching and examinations of International Yang Style Tai chi chuan Association

Basic training programs:

1. Forms:
- 103 positions form
- 49 positions form - demonstration
- 13 positions form - short

2. Forms with weapons:
- Form with Sword
- Form with a Sable
- Form with a stick

3. Pushing hands:
- Circles and major sections
- First, second, third, fourth and fifth sections without walking
- Smooth transition in sections
- "Break the circle" and martial applications
- First, second, third, fourth and fifth sections with walking
- Da Liu, basic movements and "break the circle"

4. Martial applications:
- Movements of the forms
- Movements of the forms with weapons

5. Development fa djin
- Single movements of the form
- 13 positions form - explosive variant
- Exercises with a partner and settle

6. Theory:
- History of Tai Chi
- History of the Yang family
- 10 basic principles of Yang style Tai Chi
- Main categories of Chinese Philosophy
- Relationship with the Chinese Tai Chi philosophy

Specialized traning programs:

Programs for future instructors:
- Teaching a full program which meets the requirements of the International Yang Style Association
- Certification and assistance in opening a school or center in a city.
- Attendance at instructional seminars, private lessons, international seminars.
- Three stages of education: elementary, intermediate, advanced

Program for retraining and training of instructors for Tai Chi:
- SPA centers
- Sports centers
- Aerobics instructors and Calarenetics
- Centers for healthy eating and lifestyle

Programs for competitors:
- Preparation of participants competing in form
- Preparation for participation in competition push hands

Simplified program "for health Tai Chi"
- Tai Chi Qigong
- 24 and 103 positional